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creating content that gets people talking.

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we have the perfect concoction of innovative strategy and creative vision to help you thrive in this digital world.

let's get social


our goal is to help businesses create and refine their digital presence in this fast evolving online world.

we offer a new way of making your products discoverable.

we specialize in:

Social Media Management

Let us take a little weight off your plate. We will do the virtual heavy lifting day by day.

What we can do for you:


Feed planning

Content management

Caption writing

Hashtag research

Scheduling content

Publishing content



Content Creation

Let the content do the talking.

And let us handle the content.

We plan everything from:

Creative direction

Product photography

Lifestyle photography

On figure model photography

Sourcing models

Video creation

Photo and video dditing

Instagram Reel content creation

TikTok content creation

Infographic content creation

Influencer Management

We will connect you with the influencers that are the perfect partners for your brand. Let us handle everything from:


Gifting Collaborations

Paid Partnerships


PR List


Brand ambassadors

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If you are looking to:

Grow your platform

Join PR lists

Get gifted collabs

Get paid brand deals

Attend photoshoots


Gain exclusive business opportunities

We handle it all.

We want to work with you and help you grow.


All follower counts and locations are welcome to apply.

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Who are we?

Social Studios LA helps grow brands, businesses, and influencers to maximize their full potential through social media marketing strategies and content creation that make them stand out in this digital world.


We want to work with you

Big or small, we want to work with your business. We specialize but are not limited to businesses in the beauty and fashion industry, and are open to hearing more about your business. See who we’ve worked with before:

NatureLab Tokyo


Coachella Music Festival



Princess Polly Boutique

Kulani Kinis

Dolls Kill

Peach Slices

Biella Vintage



Dippin' Daisy's

Truly Beauty

Infant Optics

Fresh Prints

TJ Swim

Kosha Fit

Stella Artois

Mahkia Swim

Aurelle Swim

Annee Swim

Prayse Swim


Project Social T

Tavi Noir

90 Degree by Reflex


Andrea Fohrman Jewelry

Ali + Jen

BessieMae Beauty

RoseSkin Co

Asna Beauty

Izzy + Riley



FRNK Boutique

“They did everything right the very first time and that’s never been done before with any project I’ve done for this brand.”

“I was looking for a social media manager who is authentic, has years of experience, professional and knows how to create results. SSLA has all the above. If you are looking to create better content, attract your target audience and revamp your social media, I would definitely recommend.”

“Definitely my top recommendation if you’re interested in having an amazing creative vision.”


“I’d like to think of myself as being “up to date” on how to operate on different social platforms, but SSLA allowed me to see a whole other side.”

“SSLA made social media much less of a headache.”

“SSLA not only provided me with great content to post but the aesthetics that were provided look amazing and professional.”

“It is so rare to find that in the creative industry... someone who dreams big but reels it in when it comes to execution.”


See what we’ve
done previously:

  • Created engaging and meaningful photo and video content across all social platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, and TikTok for several brands.

  • Sourced over 2000 submissions of User Generated Content.

  • Converted “likes and comments” into 200 new affiliate members per month through social media marketing efforts.

  • Increased Reach, Engagement, Impressions on Facebook and Instagram by over 100 within a months time

  • Constructed outreach to solidify long lasting, valuable partnerships with over 1000 influencers.

  • Conducted and assisted several influencer campaigns including an Ulta campaign that accumulated 1.7 million total impressions on Instagram and 3,500 website link clicks

  • Gained over 2 million total views on Instagram Reels.


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